Sunday, April 27, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hello Oregonians!
Thank you for the email, That was nice to see the picture of Elder Chandler at the airport!
Is the dynamic realyl different at home now, or not really since he had already been in college for a while?
This week was really! We worked especially hard! I have gotten in a bad rut of working really smart and it is not as hard as walking around and talking to awkward people because I am awkward too. Basically I prefer to drive and make visits to people who need help that we already know about, then to go out and hit the pavement and find new people who also need help, or people that we need their help.
So on Wednesday I got frustrated that not too much work was happening in the ward like I was hoping that it should be and I wanted my two brand new companions to see that it should be, so we decided to have a companionship study on finding. things like D&C 4:4 and section 33:7-10 and Moroni 8:16 and PMG pgs 155-156, and some other stuff that I don't remember the references too. So we were renewed that the field is white already to harvest if we thrust in our sickles with our might and Open Our Mouths! So we talked to more than 30 people on the street that day and were able to share the message with 3 of them even though they were not interested in hearing more.
Then on Thursday we had our mission leadership council and President Orgill stood up and told us to go to D&C 4:4 and PMG pgs 155-156 about finding. and we talked about the exact same thing that my companions and I had discussed 24 hours previously.
Then on Friday morning I called the zone together real quick before weekly planning and we decided to really dedicate ourselves to opening our mouths and working hard to find the Lord's elect this week! Each transfer is 6 weeks long and we are in "week 5", so I related a story I heard a year ago about President Monson when he was a child would cut grass for an old lady and she would pay him according to the job that he did. So he would cut it and get a dollar or two. he would cut it twice and line it up nicely and get three dollars and one day he wanted to do a $5 job! So he brought his edger, and sharpened the blades of the mower and brought a tape measure and made sure everything was PERFECT! And then he got $5. So the zone is going to have a $5 week and so in weekly planning they all prepared what they were going to do and I am super excited about it!! $5 week! This is week 5 :)
Then one Elder was like "So what should the winner get?" And my awesome companions Elder Deakyne said "Now, I really think that you are over thinking this! The only reward and incentive that we should need is the gratification of bringing someone closer to Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father." That was a good reminder for all of us.
Well I am trying to stay out of trouble and my dear companions are keeping me in line. The power of a 26 year old Bolivian engineer and the sincerity of an 18 year old humble man.
God bless you all this week!
Love, Elder Jefferson Chandler

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