Sunday, April 27, 2014

March 10, 2014

This week sounds like a blast for the Chandler clan!
Congratulations to your parents, my grandparents!
I have two excuses for my short letter today: 1) This keyboard is not very responsive and 2) there is a big back up at the library today, so i need to get off ASAP to let other Elders on who got here a few minutes after me.
here is my funny/spiritual story of the week though. And we got busted in ward council for it. Anyways we have this finding program called "Windows of heaven" and that means that as a companionship we kneel and pray and ask Heavenly Father for guidance where we should go to find a person, or people that He has prepared to accept the Restored gospel. So we prayed and we saw this park. We felt like we should go by on Wedensday at 3:30. Sounds good, there might be a family there or whatever. More importantly, that is where we felt like God wanted us to go. nothing wrong with that so far.
So on Wednesday we got there early for ou appointment with God and started walking down to the park. There were a bunch of kids getting picked up from school there! The park was right next to a middle school!! The middle school got out at 3:30!! We are three religious guys walking around at a middle school when all the parents are picking up their kids! So that was the probelm. We were chastised because the appearance of three 20 year old men walking around a middle school with 11-14 year old kids just doesn't look good. Ward council said that they owuld have been mad if they had seen 20 year old guys walking around when they were picking up their kids.
Oh well. The good part is this: we taught 2 lessons. The first one was to some lonely kids sitting on a bench by himself (in hindsight I understand how that was creepy). Ansd he was cool, and accepted the message and agreed to pray and share it with his family. We thought we had found the person God wanted us to help! So we got up and all of a sudden this other kid runs up to us and says that his Dad is Mormon and he is trying to find out what is true in his life and he is trying to make a decision. We told him we offer a way to know what is true! So we taught him a 15 minute discussion about the first lesson and he got our phone number and said that he would have his dad call us. So that was cool. We are going to try to meet the Dad before we pursue any more.
Well, that is the last time that I am going to proselyte around a middle school ever again!
Have a great week!
Have a good mission Jackson! See you in two years!
Love, Elder Chandler

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