Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 7, 2014

Here are a few pictures that I couldn't send last week.

1 is me and my new companion Elder Jung from Seoul Korea! how is Elder Nate Pratt doing?
The Afflek's in the ward have chickens in their backyard!!! It was so cool! i love the chickens!

I tried to send more pictures but I am having a hard time with the computers... At least we got a picture of my new companion, Elder Jung! Elder Deakyne (the deacon) took the picture for us.
This week was really good! I am having dinner with Elder Hegland tomorrow night and then he goes home. Or he goes somewhere... I don't know what there is outside of the mission.
Elder Hegland and I sang in the transfer meeting on Tuesday and we sang "I Need Thee Every Hour" The chorus on the third verse was me singing in English and he came in harmony in Mongolian and then we sang the whole fourth together in Mongolian. That was the same song that we sang in the MTC for a devotional for everyone so we thought it fitting to sing at the last meeting together the same song we started our missions with.
Not too much interesting is going on.
I will try to send some more pictures real quick!
Love, ELder Chandler
P.S. I enjoyed conference. I will write about that in a second. 
Darn , I can't figure out how to work the camera, I guess I could ask my Asian companion; he is good at technology.
Well my favorite talk in conference was Sister Reeves! She was so bold and straightforward and I thought she shared some very simple and practical things that we can do in our own lives to keep us close to the Lord. Daily scripture study, prayer and weekly family home evening. I am grateful for a family that strived to do that. Even if I didn't want to it was a good tradition to knw that as a family we read the scriptures and pray together and support each other in our activities.
I also loved President Uchtdorf, of course! I need to make sure that i don't sleep through a minute of this next month!! Because I will never get it back again!
Also, President Eyring in the priesthood session really taught a powerful and simple message to me personally about prayer. I feel like President Orgill, by his example, is teaching me the same thing. It is so vital that we don't just say words to God, but express our feelings and extend our souls to meet Him and align our wills with His. The reason I think that this is so important to me right now is because often I have said nice words and gone through motions and "said my prayers", which was good, but recently I feel like I have exerted myself, even if it is early in the morning or I am exhausted late at night, to pray specifically for what and who and how I am thankful that day (which goes along with President uchtdorf;s message on Sunday).
There was so much good stuff! I need to go back and review and read that which was shared. I have a few inparticular that I am giong to study.
As an aside, since I no longer am teaching English as an assignment for my mission, my grammar and spelling and punctuation and syntax and what I do with my clauses, or don't do with my clauses really doesn't weigh heavily on how I write! (Shoutout Patrick Garvey) There Their They're annnnnnnnnd thier!
Well I think that was it. I am not going to play Norwegian kickball too hard today, because we had a stake hike this morning and we did our studies in the Laguna Beach wilderness park and for the three mile hike back I decided to run up and down the rough terrain with some other missionaires and I am WAAAAYYY out of shape. #icebath.
Hopefully I will be able to walk again next week when we talk again.
May the peace of God be with you!
-Elder Chandler

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