Sunday, April 27, 2014

January 21, 2014

I took pictures every day except for Friday, sorry!
Thanks for the awesome emails!
Here are 7 pictures to recap the week
1) Tuesday (today) - bright morning looking out over our porch
2)Monday (yesterday) -going out shopping in a Mercedes convertable with our investigator David. Elder Tombs ridin shotgun!
3)Sunday- Right before I cleaned it up there was my suit, sheets and blanket, the puppet pig, p-day balls, etc... Just normal life
4) On exchanges with Elder Clinger and Elder Swainston, going on an adventure with cacti!
5) Thursday night full moon and Elder Tombs playing with the gutter. it was about 9pm and we were headed in. It was right after someone told us to never come back. More normal life.
6) Wednesday on exchanges with Elder Donohue & Elder Swainston. So in the mission the people that we "train" we call our posterity, so Elder Donohue is my "son", and he is training Elder Swainston, who would be my "grandson". So here is a picture of the family tree of sorts

7) Monday, Elder Tombs getting ready for stake activity!
Okay, that's it :)

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