Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 26th, 2013

Happy Wednesday

Today was our temple trip day and we went to the Newport Beach temple. That is the only temple that the Irvine mission goes to now. I got a sweet email from Ben Barton with some pictures of him and Jackson hiking Timpanogous. That was really sweet. 

We will go pick up mail on Monday, so I am excited to get whatever you sent :) 

I am also glad that you got the little recording from Sister Coleman of Elder Shiu singing in sacrament, he is a good singer! We also have started mission choir, so he and I go to that and have a good time. Elder Hegland is there too, so I always sit with him and we sing Mongolian songs to warm up. 

Fun story of the week: Sunday night we went by the Nelson's, who are a part-member family and they have 2 little blonde girls. We went by around 7:30 and it was getting dark so it felt late (During the summer it is light until 9 and no one cares if we come by at 8:30, but when it gets dark sooner, for some reason it gets later sooner...). Anyways the non-member wife answered and said that it was a little late for them and they were putting the girls down for bed. At that moment the 2 year old girl ran out and pointed at Elder Shiu (pronounced El-der Shoe) and started yelling "Mister Shoo-ee, Mister Shoo-ee!!" We all couldn't help but laugh. So the mom changed from being mad to inviting us over for dinner. Thank you Mister Shoo-ey! 

The Journays are still golden and are set to be baptized on October 4 (hard to believe that it is almost October here in Orange county again) We taught them all of the commandments on Saturday and here is a little snap shot of how the lesson went down:
Journays: Well thank for being here Elders, what are going to learn today?
Us: We want to talk about some ways that we can be happier in this life through obedience to some commandments that God has given us.
Journays: great!
Us: We believe that Joseph Smith reveived a law of hea...
Journays: Oh! The Word of WIsdom?!
Us: Right, the Wor...
Journays: That is where you don't drink, smoke, do drugs adn stuff, right?
Us: That is right, and we can promise you that if you...
Journays: We need to throw away that 10 pound bag of coffee on our counter!
Us: ... Are you for real?...

So this pattern continued for the law of Tithing (He had questions about whether it on our net or gross), Chastity, Sabbath day, fasting, etc... It took about 2 minutes for each commandment and they pretty much just taught us. 

We are excited for them and they are too good to be true, except they are true!

I hope you all have a great week and the gospel is real. That has hit me pretty hard this week: That this is all real. I knew that it is true, but we will literally live again after we die and following the commandments WILL make us happier! 

Have a great week! Love- Elder Chandler

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