Monday, September 9, 2013

August 19, 2013

Hello Mom!
I am writing you before Dad this week so I actually have time to say something, because Dad always gets the good stuff and then I feel bad because I don't know if what I say makes sense by the time my hour is almost up! Anyways California is wonderful and I love Elder Shiu with the same amount of love I have for everything else Asian, which is a lot!!

We are teaching a part-member family, the Ortegas, and they told me a story about how they were up in Oregon and saw a dancing LIberty Tax Service statue of Liberty. I said, "Oh, really? When was that?" They replied "Last march and it was doing a snow-rain mix" I told them "I remember that day!" and then we laughed because just like we knew each other in the pre-existence we also had met before in a less personal way before I even came on my mission. Or maybe that is a very personal way! Either way it was humorous.

We have had a whole bunch of meeting and it has been great to see new methods of finding, teaching and baptizing (of course the doctrine and principles are still the same, and the ordinance itself!) For example last Thursday Sister Joyce Tan came to our mission and gave a conference about something she called "Windows of Heaven" where we set aside some time of our day to go find the elect who God will place in our path. We know that God puts people in our path, and when we talk to everyone then we will find who God wants us to and when we are 100% worthy for the Spirit then we will know exactly what to say. So Elder Shiu and I tried it on Saturday, when we finally had 2 hours to find, and we talked to about 30 people in the park. We met nice people, mean people, black people and white people! We taught the first discussion to a group of druggies (for lack of a better term) and they were interested in learning more. I am not sure if they are the elect, but God wanted us to talk to them so we did. Hopefully this week we will have more time and opportunity to talk with more people and spread the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The work of salvation is going forth and I am so happy! I mostly blame Elder Shiu for the constant happiness and spirit I feel, because we work in unity! Thanks for praying for me, I pray for you all too! I am glad Kennedy got to be at home and spend time with you and that Jackson is staying 'rooted' in his interests (That is a tree joke :) 

Have a great week!
love- Elder Chandler 

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