Monday, June 10, 2013

May 28, 2013

Dear Mummy,

My mind flashed a "Does not compute" signal when I saw one of my previous companions with you, dad, Jackson, Kennedy and Harry! I am glad that you could meet Ben, formerly known as Elder Barton. We had some great adventures together and brought many unto Christ; he taught me a lot and helped me become who I am today. 

Well looks like you will have one more graduate from West Linn High School in the very near future. Pretty cool! Down in Oceanside there is a Spanish speaking sister missionary named Carolynn (spelling?) Jensen and she went to BYU with Nate and high school with Cami Pratt, so she says hi and congratulations on going out to South Korea! Elder Hegland also just got a brand new companion from South Korea who speaks very little English and his name is Elder Jung (pronounced 'Chung'). Elder Hegland is in Laguna Niguel, the stake I served in with Elder Barton, and now I am in the Rancho Santa Margarita stake serving with Elder Hemmelgarn (who you met through that picture that Sis. Day sent you.) So Elder Hegland and I will both, starting July 1st, be in the California, Irvine mission. First Mongolia, then Carlsbad, now Irvine! Do I get to come home to 3 missionary plaques?! Not that it matters. 

I really missed being up here in Orange county, Oceanside was a place where we could connect with the people and serve a lot in very visible ways, but in Orange county, it is more difficult to get people to let you help them. However, once they see how incredible the gospel is and what Christ's church can do for them in their lives the people here, in general, are more receptive and committed to the lifestyle that God asks them to live. In Oceanside it was a lot of talk and not much real conversion. Except I really do miss a lot of the people, especially the 3 Amigos. They are the only people that I have promised on my mission that I would come back and see. So in the future I know I will see them again. 

We are teaching some awesome people! I will get some stories ready for next week, but I don't have much time right now, we have a couple appointments to catch! 

Love you lots! Have a great week. Jackson- don't be TOO crazy your last 3 days of high school ;)
-Elder Chandler

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