Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5, 2013

Dear mother, father, sister, brother(s),

Hi, glad to hear that everyone is staying busy. I am really quite upset about that weasel. Only 5 hens!! You need more chicks, man.

Glad to hear that you have finished Alma, I am entrenched in the war chapters and finding hidden treasures about the Gospel in each chapter. 

A few high-lights of the week:

- I went on exchanges to the Spanish missionary's area and got to teach Felipe again! He is scheduled for baptism this Saturday. I gave away un Libro de Mormon all by myself. 

- In the YSA ward, Sean is getting baptized next Saturday and random people come to activities and want to learn more, which is always what we like to hear!

- The 4 amigos came to church on Sunday! Have I told you about them? Marcos, Jilbert, Jose and Brian are 4 young men who live in the same neighborhood and we talked to Marcos and Jilbert one day and gave them each a Book of Mormon. They read the first 5 chapters and took notes by the next week when we came back to see how they were doing. We taught the first lesson and have been reading with them ever since. 

- Zone leader council was a wonderful discussion about using time wisely and Christ-like leadership. Tomorrow Elder George and I will be conducting a meeting for the missionaries in the stake and we will all become better planners together, yipee!!

-A man who we talked to and asked how he was doing and he told us how the Superbowl went, play-by-play and he said that since the media is just corrupt, then the world is just corrupt, and he is not very good and he just wants people to stop and look at the birds and the flowers. He is also a golfer, which made me think of Uncle Pete, (sorry about the Niners)

-Gangster who was "just posting" (meaning on the lookout for something) and told us that he was not working or anything, because his legs were broken. They were all bandaged up and we asked what happened, and he told us it was too much beer. Crazy

- Last one for the week, Bouncer who swaggered by dressed in black and said hi. I stuck out my hand for a handshake and to get him to stop and he said a lot of bad words that condenses down to "You don't want to shake my hand; I have someone else's blood on it" he said that he prays everyday, but he also smooths people out when they try to swipe alcohol from his joints. He was actually super nice and said "Brothers, from the heart, I really admire the work that you are doing." That was cool.

The work is going well here. I wish I could say that I was doing something to make it be going so well, but the Lord is in charge here. Alma 13:26 (or maybe 24) says that Angels are preparing the hearts of many at this time in our land to hear the gospel and get ready for Christ to come again. The good that is done through the church is in preparation for the second coming of the Messiah. A personal relationship with God is essential, but that cannot be the sole means of worship. God wants us to assemble together and labor as one to bring to pass His purpose. I know that we are all engaged in this work. I pray that we can be strengthened this week to put our shoulders to the wheel and help someone else. Mosiah 2:17

Love you all, Elder Chandler

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