Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29, 2013

Good morning dear mother!

I am here in Oceanside with Elder George and we now are responsible for the Carlsbad young Single Adults Ward. I know that at one time you had a calling with them (or were you with the not-so-young single adults?) and so I was wondering what your thoughts are on that.

We had dinner last night with a nice young couple. As we ate with them a furry rodent ran up to elder George and tried to run up his pant leg. Brother Monahan grabbed the creature and said, "This is Doug, our weasel". I had to restrain my instinct to call for Harry to bring his BB gun! I am devastated to hear that we are down to 7 ladies in the coop. :(

Good heavens, it has been two weeks since I have told you how I am. I am doing well. I love being a missionary. My new companion told me that I am getting a little too serious sometimes. I thought that was funny until he told me about what I have been saying in my sleep... I don't have any idea what I dream about any more, because it feels like I close my eyes and the alarm goes off and I just have to go again, but he said that one night he was up and I rolled over and said "What specific goals are you going to set for that?" in a very serious voice. I try to still have fun, but I suppose sub-consciously I am too serious. Life is good. 

We have a few baptisms coming up in February; Sean Fenner in the YSA ward is set for the 16, Justin and Noelle Wood in Oceanside 1st ward are on for the 23, and Angela and Jeremy will follow close behind, and John Truehipt is making progress. 

My Spanish has been improving a lot, I can now pray in Spanish, do a door approach in Spanish and talk to people on the streets about the Gospel or about food (tortilla, salsa, guacamole, etc...) We have been teaching the 4 amigos the past two weeks. We talked to them on the street and gave them a Book of Mormon and they read some and took notes and when we followed up with them they wanted to read with us and then keep reading with us. They are really funny. We went to pick them up for church with the scoutmaster, but when we walked up to the door, they said one was sick, another grounded and the third was at his dad's house, and the spokesperson said that he would go ask his mom, then he was gone for a long time and we couldn't find him after that. 

At church on Sunday Elder George and I gave talks (Bishop asked us to during the opening song) We spoke on the Holy Ghost, I went a little long, like 10 minutes. Also, Elder George is from Alpine, Utah and is a really happy and fun missionary, it is good to be his companion! 

Harrison, thank you for your little insert in Mom's email, I miss you too buddy! Get that weasel! Did you get the goats? Good job scoring a goal! Can you run 2 miles in a row? Live long and prosper.

I was really excited when I got your forwarded email from brother Mortensen, we will find those Mongolians :)

I am so so happy to be a missionary, even if I take it seriously, I am so happy!! I know that prayer is essential for conversion, so if you want to know something, just think about it, see if it makes sense then make a decision, and ask heavenly Father, then act on it! I know that this church is true, because the Holy Ghost has confirmed it to me each time I have asked. 
There are no dumb questions.

Love, Elder Chandler

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