Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26, 2012

Last Email of 2012 for Elder Chandler!
Hi mom,
I am glad we got to talk yesterday and that I caught you at home and got to see everyone's morning faces!
We talked about everything yesterday, so bye!
Love, Elder Chandler
Just kidding, I always have lots to say, anytime any day!
I think that the reason President Cook is so good and has been so successful is because he holds his missionaries accountable, sometimes he just calls missionaries during the day and asks them what they have done the past 3-4 hours to fulfill their purpose. He also lets missionaries stay in areas for a longer amount of time than usual. Most missionaries stay for 6 months in an area so by the end the ward knows and trusts them and the missionary really knows the area and the people and the social circles so he can become really effective.
President Cook also knows, and I know that the Gospel is simple and when I talked with Harrison yesterday I told him that. Jesus Christ is the source of forgiveness. He wants us to return home to live with Himself and our Father in heaven and be happy. He provided us a way to do so. That is why the last thing I said was "follow the commandments" It was half-silly, but instead of saying something like "be happy" or "don't worry about me" I know that if we just follow the commandments then we will be set. I love sharing this message to the wealthy, yet unhappy people of California!! (That is just a general statement, there are poor people here and there are happy people as well, don't sue me!)
The work is about to pick up here, we have some big plans :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
-Elder Chandler

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