Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18th, 2012

Surf's up in Oceanside!

How did you know I was transferred? And you aren't supposed to know I am a zone leader! To answer your questions I am serving in the Oceanside 1st ward with Elder Hammar from Rigby, ID and we are the zone leaders in the Carlsbad zone. We have the famous Oceanside pier in our area and we run there often in the mornings. It is a mission rule to run every morning by the way. 

I am glad you got to meet Kevin Clegg and get the camera card from him! He is a stud and a great ward missionary. I have a new card in the camera now, but if you send that other one back that would be great. I didn't have the chance to go through and censor the pictures, so I hope there wasn't any weird ones that people stole my camera and took without me knowing!

Yay, you got the Peace on Earth elf! That is from a lady who gets them every year and they are supposedly really valuable and she said to give them to our mothers. She had lunch with Russel Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio last week and is a really cool lady. i am glad that you got the package. I did get the stockings for me and Elder Hammar, thank you thank you! 

As a clarification that alligator was a conglomeration of pre-historic vittles that should have been buried 100 miles under the Bermuda triangle. We couldn't tell if it was alive, so we basically put on our gloves and big-boy pants and reached in and pulled it out piece by piece. First the heart, then the intestines then the thigh meat. It was just gross stuff.

It is snowing at home?! it is freezing here, I wore my sweater and long-sleeve shirts this week. It is literally 60 degrees in the morning and I can see my breath! It got down to 57 yesterday and it was hard to leave the apartment. it is going to be a real culture shock to come home to Oregon. 

Highlights of the week:

I have to shave every day out of necessity, not solely out of obedience now. 

Ioannies was baptized on Saturday, but I didn't get to go, because it was too far away. We have a baptism here though this Saturday which should be great, I am really excited!

CrazyRadar(This will be my weekly column, similar to the police log, of choice individuals who we meet during the week that brought joy to our lives):

Shadrac- On our way to an appointment we stopped and talked to a mysterious man in a long trechcoat. We asked him what he was doing and he told us it was "beyond our realm of comprehension" but then he started explaining that he needed to go back in time and deflect a solar flare. Something to do with 12/12/2012 he just kept saying 12-12-12-12-12-12-12-20-12. I wish I could explain more clearly about the self-proclaimed Galactic Rescue Ranger, but most of his physics were beyond my realm of comprehension.

Jared- Between appointments we were walking and started talking to a man who was already involved in a conversation. With himself. he told us he was a little busy with his thoughts, but that God is happy with us. We tried to share a card with him, but then he got pretty mad and said he was looking for a place to relieve himself. Elder Hammar notified him of a gas station in the vicinity and he started calling us super mean names and that we don't have any right to tell him where to do his business, in fact "I prefer to [do it] outside gentlemen!!" I hope he made it.

Karate Kid- Tender mercy. We were just driving down Pacific Coast Highway and happened upon a young painter who stood up and ran behind this van and then started doing something which looked like dancing until he threw a few kicks in. He did a beautiful martial art demonstration for us and then got in the van and drove away before I could get my camera out. This all happened in about 8 seconds.

Guy- Really, his name is Guy. he was walking around one night with a big coat on and carrying some dark object, but we stopped and talked to him and he was super nice so we gave him a card and the next day he called in and requested a DVD so we took one to him, but he said he had sever bipolar, so it wasn't a good time to talk to him. He was a little crazy, but Guy is actually pretty cool.

Merry Christmas to all and I am looking forward to talking with you in 7 days! Good luck in the treacherous weather of the Northwest!

-Elder Chandler

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