Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 7, 2013

Dear Mom,

The weather is the same up and down the west coast it looks like! This week was full of training meetings! I forgot to take too many pictures, but I did get one of some of us setting up for zone training meeting! 

So my update is that picture! Elder Pendergast and I have been working hard; he wants to lose some weight, and I wouldn't mind using a different hole in my belt to hold my pants up either, so we do challenges, like not eating after 7, or doing a bunch of push-ups or stuff like that. 

I just remembered a really funny experience that we had that I can share! So last week we went to Lisa's (name has been changed) house and helped her move a new coach into her place. She already had a couch in there and so we had to stand it up on end and make room for the new one. The old coach was pretty nice so a different person wanted to buy it. I should say that it wasn't exactly Lisa's house, but it was an elder person's care facility, so all of the people there are 65 and up and having personal problems. The lady that wanted to buy the coach said that she would pay us to move it and we said that we would move it, fine, but would not take money. The next day we went back and in order to get Lisa's old coach to the ladies place we had to more the lady's old coach out. the problem starts here, because after we got it out there was no place we could put it. The dumpster was too small and the property was strict on junk. So we had the lady's old coach in the courtyard and 3 other elderlies came by and started bickering and saying that people were breaking promises and causing quite a commotion. The lady buying the coach got really mad and said she wasn't breaking any promises, and then 3 other older ladies told Elder Pendergast and me that they were so sorry that we had to be abused and put through this like this. We ended up putting the old coach on the roof of the lady's boyfriend's car. It looked ridiculous. Then we moved the new coach in and tried to escape but they tried to give us money and the other 3 tried to say how incredibly sorry they were that we had to deal with backstabbing liars. We just told them that it was okay and started walking briskly back out to the street and we left them in the dust! We get a kick out of that every time we talk to missionaries about conflicts that they are having and we just relate this story to them and then they realize how immature that they are being about their issues, and that straightens them out! 

Life is good. I love being a missionary. Elder Barton goes home in 2 weeks... wow When we heed the impressions of the Holy Ghost, we learn what is feels and sounds like. It is a process, and I am learning slowly, but anybody can learn this! As we are consistent to following the voice of the Lord, through the whisperings of the Spirit His direction comes clearer to our minds and truer to our hearts. And it feels really good! So keep doing that everyday :)
Love -Elder Chandler 

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