Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19, 2013

Hi mom,

Thank you for the email and Buuz are Mongolian dumplings consisting of cooked meat wrapped in a flour circle (like a tortilla) then steamed.  

Thank you also for all the updates on the wonderful 'happenings' of home! This week we had a great time doing the Lord's work. A couple highlights:

Yesterday at a member's house Elder Pendergast and I played soccer with the 3 amigos and they are really good! and then we did a push up competition, where I would get ready, then one of them would start going with me and went until he was worn out, then the next would start going with me then he got tired, then the last one and I kept going for awhile, but then he got too tired too, and then I was REALLY tired, so we just stopped, but it was really fun and the morning work outs are paying off!

We have been teaching a lot and have been going around and working with people and sharing a message of faith and how by small and simple things the Lord brings to pass that which is great. and so we plant radish seeds with the people and develop habits to help them draw closer to God by doing small things and then they watch the seed grow and God watches their faith grow. 

All the missionaries in the zone got together and played kickball last Tuesday and it was such a blast and we all got lots of sun.

2 missionaries in the zone left for Brazil yesterday, so we were happy for them.

We met a guy that makes lightsaber replicas and he showed them to us!!

Finally, I went on exchanges into the YSA ward with a brand new missionary and their boundaries cover the whole stake. They have a car all the time that they drive, but one things that we are trying to do to talk to more people is to use our cars less. We decided to go on a "car-fast" on Saturday and only bike or walk. So we did and it was a long day going all around the stake, but it was worth it because we met this guy named Zoot and he talked with us and we showed him a scripture in the Book of Mormon that directly addressed his needs! It was funny because that very morning we had read that scripture in our studies :)

I love being a missionary and the sun is really nice. 

Have a great week! -Elder Chandler

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