Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 27th, 2012

Good morning mother!

Thank you for the email! Sounds like your Thanksgiving was really good with all the family, I am happy that everyone was able to be together! My birthday was very nice, thank you for the ties and treats! Elder Barton made me a muffin/cake and we put the 20 candles in it, we aren't allowed to use lighters so we just admired it, photographed it and then devoured it. I have lost 10 pounds since I have been in this area, I just realized this after I weighed myself after Thanksgiving to see the damage. It has been good to run in the morning and I think that has trimmed me down. I still weigh more than I ever did before my mission and I still look chubby, but that is okay, because right now my body is just a tool of the Lord, a vessel for His spirit to be worked and worn out in the service of others.

When I come home, I am not going to recognize you with a head of grey hair! Wow, sounds like this week has been busy, but I am glad to hear that everyone is safe. The Lord is in charge. Andy, who we meet with, always tells us that "No one messes with heavenly Father" because even though the heavens and earth may pass away, [God's] word will not pass away (citation needed)

 I am grateful for the lovely birthday cards I got yesterday as well and I will be writing back soon! I wish I had some funny stories to tell. One miraculous event happened last week that I neglected to mention: Eddie Shin was baptized and that was cool, but then the next day we went over to meet with him and his friend Iaonnies. We talked for a little bit and were about to start the lesson when sister Shin did something out of the ordinary and quite incredible. I have never seen anything done the way she did this. She looked at the ceiling and squinted her face up and sang the alphabet song backwards! I was mesmerized and astounded! It totally made my day! Just wanted to share that.

This week is looking good. I love being a missionary and we are super busy! A quick insight that I had this week was about serving others and how the Lord will consecrate our performance if we act out of love and Christlike care. I gave a training in district meeting and President Cook was there so I was nervous but I talked about how if we know exactly what our investigators need then we will know how it will help them. This seems silly and irrelevant, but in order to testify and promise specific blessings, we need to know that yes, what we are sharing is true, and not only that - it will bless your life! It starts with deisire. If we can discern the needs and desires of those we serve we can more perfectly serve them. Love you all lots and lots and I hope you enjoy the pictures. 
Baptism of Chris Allen


Elder Barton Eddie Shin (new convert) and Elder Chandler
-Axlakch Chandler

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