Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 13, 2012

Hi Mom!

Thank you for the update and great diet advice. I will definitely recommit myself to eating right! Last Monday got up to 100 degrees and yesterday was down to 38, so I am enjoying wearing my sweaters, they sure do keep me warm. Yesterday was 80 again, so I am not quite sure what the man upstairs has in store for the week, but I am excited!

Rocio is still recovering from surgery and she has a lot of stitches, and unhealed incisions that cannot get wet. The doctrine of immersion is true, therefore we had to postpone her baptism for the second time. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and has such great faith and a strong desire to be baptized, that we are not worried, but continue to be patient and rely on God's timing. 

One of my favorite experiences of the week was talking with a 21 year old, bed-ridden young man who has not been out of his bed for 8 months. His name is Andy and he is one of 8 special needs kids that has been adopted by a member of the ward. He is really disappointed that he cannot serve a mission, so we try to bring the missionary spirit to him. We stop by every Monday for about 40 minutes and read scriptures and just talk. At the end of our meeting his 5 year old little brother, Matt, came in and we asked if he wanted to pray with us and he said he would say it. He started saying a great prayer, but quickly ran out of things to say, so Andy helped him out and Matt repeated word for word every sentence that Andy said. It was a great testimony to me of the love that God has for us that he will help us whenever we run into a roadblock. Andy helped Matt when Matt was unable to go any further. There were many, many small experiences this week that helped me feel God's love for each of us - including every person on this earth and me individually. 

Last night Elder Barton and I taught a short family home evening to a group of single adults. We talked about service and we talked and gratitude and how giving service, any time of year, but especially now, is a great way to show our gratitude to God for all that He has given us. I thought the whole venue was rather enjoyable. There were about 12-15 people there and they were all single and aged from 35-55. I hope my next comment is taken in the spirit that it is intended: each of them have reasons why they are not married and when they were all together it made for a humorous evening. I felt right at home! 

Sorry all I can remember is stories from yesterday, but time is a little strange out here; last Tuesday feels like it was a long time ago, but June feels like only a few days ago. The work is moving fast out here and a quick stat to emphasize this is that the California, Carlsbad mission will be increasing from 170 missionaries to 250 in the next 3-6 months. Wow. I am stoked!! The Lord is preparing people here and everywhere to hear about the restored gospel. A hard part of this work is talking to every one and opening my mouth when I feel apprehensive or uncomfortable about never having met a person before, but I have found the Lord trusts me more and more as I simply do what He asks. We are promised in the scriptures (D&C 31?) that our tongue will be loosed, as we pray always. It is true. 

May your week be eventful in an uneventful way. 
-Elder Chandler

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