Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3, 2012

Happy July!
Thank you for the Email, sounds like Trek was a blast! I really cherished that experience as well when I had the opportunity to participate! Glad to hear that all of your travels have gone safely and you have returned home to get back into normal life it sounds like. Do you have any more trips this summer? I will also write Grandma Dickinson today, that you for her address!
Despite not recieving our Visas yet this week, I had a great time here in the MTC and continued to learn and develop my love of the people of Mongolia and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel like a lot of pieces are coming together for me as I diligently study the holy scriptures and constantly practice the language.
Highlights of the week:
One really exciting sighting this week was on Tuesday! It was new mission president seminar last week; the conference ended on Wednesday and we had a devotional Tuesday night and 10 of the 12 apostles were present. All but President Packer and Elder Hales made it. Elder Perry spoke to us and emphasized many of the tremedous blessings of living the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I took a different message out of his talk than what most people did, but I thought about Christ and the way He lived and acted. He had a herculean body to begin with, in respect to it being half God-half mortal, but regardless of that fact, Christ knew how to perfectly care for the human body, which He had part in creating. I think that this helped me understand the realness of Christ's teachings more completely.
 I hear that President Terrence A. Clark comes home this month, right?! I have met a couple of his returned missionaries, and they are great and absolutely loved him! Please tell him 'Hi' for me! Also Elder Wilson (Isaac) is supposed to come home today! Maybe I will see him here, because his sister works here and she could bring him in to witness firsthand the reality of missionaries actually going to Mongolia.
Another fun experience was teaching our investigator, Bothoraa, and she now has a baptisimal date on the 25 of this month I believe! It has been amazing to watch the Lord's hand in this work when Bothoraa was on her own. She really has been prepared and I am grateful for the opportunity to teach her.
We got to listen to the BBC broadcast and Mr. Owen did a rather chipper job! We just got a kick out of hearing his voice again.
Well, we are hoping to leave tomorrow. We are all so excited to arrive in the land of the blue skies. My health is doing well. I have no complaints. I am extremely happy and grateful to be engaged in this life-changing work. I am trying with all my heart, might, mind and strength to be the missionary that my God needs me to be. I love HIm and I know that He loves and sustains me. One of my goals as a missionary is to forget about myself and my needs and wear out this physical tabernacle of clay and help bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Thank you for raising me to work hard and to serve others. Service has brought me closer to Chrits throughout my life and continues, especially now, to build my testimony. Find opportunities to serve and you will find an increase in happiness.
Hope to hear from you next time in MONGOLIAAAAAAAAAAAAA
-Elder Chandler
(I will send my lisence to you today)

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