Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012

Thank you for the Email. Happy birthday to the big man in a little body (Harrison) Welcome to the Double Digits +1! Sounds like the wedding was nice, congratulations Katie and Jacob! It is just fine and rather approriate that you did not answer the phone. To answer your questions: Elder Omori just left for Arizona an hour ago and the final four are here (me, my companion-Elder Hegland, and the other 2:Elders Morley and Parrish) We should know by noon today if we are leaving this week.
The second day we were here there was a sister going to Mongolia wha had her travel delayed, and one day they called her in and told her: "You have 3 hours until your shuttle leaves for Salt Lake." So she had to be outta there fast! That could very likely happen to us. In the which I would just try to call at the airport I suppose and hope you are not busy. I will let you know as soon as I know so that we can make arrangements.
All of the brotheren are here for new mission conference seminar, that is to say they have been or will be here - I have not seen a single one! The MTC put up nice curtains and put out little truffles in the main building, and block off to us where the conference is going on, to make it look less like the chaotic holding pen that it is. That is not entirely true, the MTC is a petri dish of spiritual growth, and once the culture has been fed and has the plentiful nourishment it requires it rapidly multiplies. We missionaries of course are the culture, and if we accept the wonderful program here than we can become solid, more commited representatives of Christ.
When I arrived at the MTC there were some little tiny plants just coming out of the ground in front on my residence hall. In the two and a half months that I have been here, they have just exploded into a veritable bed of flora. I liken these small, yet good and growing plants to me and my understanding of what it means to be a missionary. I am here to obey the rules and follow the program, but I myself am learning about myself, growing (around the middle) and understanding the true character of Christ. [I sent you a letter the other day about that, mom, have you gotten it?] He is not here right now, so I am choosing to do what He would have me do. I am here, in His stead, to share a miraculous message and bring others unto Him. Through this process of true understanding and teaching what I know to be true, I am becoming converted and consistently living and thinking the way I should. This Gospel brings true happiness and I am truly grateful to have this choice opportunity to help others have the opportunity to accept this knowledge.
I hope this is my last Prep-day at the MTC, but if not, then you will be recieving another Email in one week's time. If it is my last week I will do my best to reach you so that we can have a phone conversation on my way to Mongolia.
ONWARD! -Elder Chandler

PS:I forgot to ask you to tell Sister Norton THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BEAUTIFUL CUPCAKES!!
Quote of the day for the blog:
Temple worker: "So where is your work going to take you"
"What part of Texas is that?!"
That is all for now, talk to you soon :)

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