Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1, 2021

Thanks for the Email mom,
The tie traders have officially been banned in the Provo MTC, as of the fireside on Sunday night when President Brown outlawed pyramids and tie trading. It was getting out of hand. I am with my companions the entire stay at the MTC, all 12 weeks. I have seen Elder Orr, Coffey, Smith, Thomson, and Hatch, the latter 3 from SVU. Elder Kruse gets in tomorrow, and I am stoked!
I won't be doing any tracting in Mongolia. Our mission rules do not allow for proselyting door to door or even on the streets. We cannot mention the church in our English lessons, so most of the referrals come from members or people contacting us. There is a lot of work being done and baptisms being partaken of (that's how they say in it Mongolian).
Thank you for the package! That was a nice suprise and good to hear you were in town and enjoyed the conference. I too had some special experiences dealing with prayer. One note that hit me was in class our teacher told us that when we are reading or listening to revelation we are in the MODE of revelation, including prayer. But the most important thing for me was that the thoughts that come to you are not always a distraction from your task at hand; I would often brush off thoughts of things I should do while reading the scriptures or praying, thinking they were just my mind wandering, but I have taken to writing down everything I feel I should do while I am in the MODE of revelation.
Our investigators have been doing great! We have 3, I don't remember what I told you about them last week, but we are teaching (my 2 companions and I) with only a notecard each. Last night was a tough lesson, because we had prepared a bomb lesson about the Restoration and we were super ready and had everything down. Then Galthmanduxk asked about baptism, which was in his reading assignment and we had to rewire everything! But it went relatively smoothly and the Spirit was definately present, which is the most important.
Elder Russell M. Nelson spoke to us last Tuesday about True Doctrine and we had a talk on Sunday by Brother Swenson about being happy, having fun and being good. I enjoyed that. I have been having fun, being good and I am happy. My companions were called as Zone Leaders on Sunday, so I get extra personal study time while they are at meetings. They are terrific missionaries and I am blessed to be with them.
Thank you again for all the love and prayers, I hope everything is well at home. I will talk to you next week!
-Elder Chandler

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