Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 6, 2014

Sorry for not writing last week. We had zone olympics that we set up for and I didn't manage my email time very well. I spent too much time chatting back and forth with Elder Hegland and Elder Shiu.
So for zone olympics we had all 31 of the missionaries in the zone get together and do different events. Everything from pushing a car around the oparking lot, to eating saltines while you run, to dropping chocolate dipped marshmellows into a misionary's mouth, to a Preach My Gospel teaching game. We had a good time and every one enjoyed it.
We also went to the temple on Friday. that was very peaceful.
We also had a New Year's Day "Dodgeball Bash!" It was a last and there were 12 teams of 6 and lots of people came to watch. I was a referree and the Laguna beach youth got second to the misisonary team. Elder Schumacher was the captain of the missionary team and they dominated.
I am going to miss Elder Schumacher though, because we are splitting the zone up and I am moving within the stake to Aliso Viejo to start a new zone and be a zone leader by myself. Elder SChumacher is gong to take the other half of the stake and be a zone leader by himself. We will still have missionary companions, but they won't be zone leaders.
We found 6 new investigators the past two weeks. I am actually really sad to leave Laguna Beach, because I am finally starting to like it. I am so excited to go to Aliso Viejo though!
That is exciting to hear about the Beath baby. I hope Jack is doing alright.
I am looking forward to seeing pictures of Harrison and Kennedy's sewing projects. I am sorry that I haven't sent pictures recently or really at all. I am pretty lousy at remembering to take pictures first of all and secondly I just am bad about sending them. I have batteries at home so I will put them in my camera... It has been dead for a while.
We did a lot of service and gardening this week, which always make me feel good and feel at home. I don't get to bike places anymore, so the only way to really do manual labor here is yard work it seems. Most people have their Hispanic helpers.
Well onward and upward.
We are headed to lunch with Bishop Galland and the Sister missionaries in the ward. I am going to miss Bishop Galland too. He is enthusiastic and unstoppable.
I pray that we may be able to have a full and happy new year.
Love, Elder Chandler

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